torsdag 8. oktober 2009


The Agora movie is sure to lead to Hypatia hype, however it's presentation of Church History will also lead both to Agora- and Christianophobia.

So it is not puzzling that there are symptoms of protests in some areas.
Just days before the release of the new movie “Agora” by Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar, civil rights organizations are denouncing the film for promoting hatred of Christians and reinforcing false clichés about the Catholic Church.
As if there is a need for such after Angels and Demons.
Marcos reminded Amenabar of the comments made by people who have already seen a private screening of the film and which Amenabar himself echoed during a television interview.

During the interview he said, “At the end of the film, people sitting near me said Christians are bunch of SOBs.”
On the other hand, such responses may lead to an... interesting public discourse.
In response to Amenabar’s statements that the film “is not against Christians but rather against those who set off bombs and kill in the name of God, that is, against religious fanatics,” Marcos wondered why the director has not recreated situations like those that take place in the Middle East.
Of course, arguing against muslim extremists vicariously, through alleged Church History, is a great and traditional Western sport.

Which requires far less courage.