tirsdag 13. november 2007

Rick out, Keith still in

As mentioned, the Led Zeppelin reunion concert and Ertegun Tribute was moved to December 10th, as Jimmy Page's hand was hurt. No doubt from drawing too many pentagrams.
As Wakeman was unable to participate on the new date, Emerson will be the only keyboard player on stage in one of the opening bands. There are rumours he has done such before, so he may hopefully manage again.

Things don't always go as expected when Keith is the only keyboard player on stage.

søndag 11. november 2007

More Da Vinci Farce

Just to remind you all that the Da Vinci Code Farce is not quite passé. There is always another commercial cad out there, somewhere. Though unfortunately not over the rainbow.

This time it is about The Da Vinci Coda. It turns out there are musical notes encoded in The Last Supper, if you just look closely enough. How it sounds? Like this.

Not quite Keith Emerson.