torsdag 13. august 2009

Seeing Elvis

We'll start a little series on "What Did Keith Do, Rather Recently?".

And we'll do it rather now.

Apparantly he attended an Elvis show and played some Tarkus a few days ago.
I checked out Elvis Schoenberg and the Orchestre Surreal last night. They were doing a set of mostly big-bandish/Zappaish arrangements of Hendrix tunes. It is a big, loud group with a string quartet, eight brass players, guitar/bass/drums/keys, percussion, several singers, dancers, . . . Anyhow, they don't play too often, but are a treat. The highlight was a version of little with with electric sitar, string quartet, and vocals.

An additional treat was that Keith Emerson was in the crowd and played a bit of "Tarkus" for us. Alas, no Moogs in sight.
Stay tuned.

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