lørdag 1. august 2009

God’s Philosophers released!

One of the best books on the alleged warfare between Christendom and Science in Medieval Europe is about to be relased.

Here we have it from the horse's mouth (and I have counted all the teeth):
I am writing to you because you very kindly registered an interest in my book God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science at jameshannam.com. I am delighted to report that the book is being published in the UK by Icon on 6th August. I am not sure about availability in your country but Amazon.co.uk are already sending out copies so if you would like yours as quickly as possible, you can use the link below:

Order God’s Philosophers from Amazon.co.uk

God’s Philosophers celebrates the forgotten achievements of the medieval world. Focusing on the rise of science, it shows how natural philosophers of the Middle Ages laid the foundations of the ‘Scientific Revolution’.

Without the work of medieval scholars, there would have been no Copernicus, no Galileo and no Newton. By emphasising the important positive role of Christianity on medieval science, God’s Philosophers also contributes to the current debate about the relationship between science and religion.

Thank you for your support in registering your interest in God’s Philosophers. I very much hope that you enjoy the book.

Best wishes

James Hannam
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Anonym sa...

Hi, I am from Australia.

Perhaps so!

But philosophy or theology as such had nothing to do with what happened at the time of the Renaissance and the consequent inevitable rise of the culture created in the image of scientism.

What occurred to the consciousness of Western man (male and female) was much more primal that that--as this essay argues:


Plus related references on religion, science and culture