tirsdag 11. desember 2007

Fanfare for the Reunion Reviews

What a night it must have been at O2 yesterday!

Perhaps the most telling about Led Zeppelin's stature these days, is that both fans and media for once agree. In any case, how irrelevant the punk and press slamming of the "dinosaurs" in the late 70's seem, when looking at the footage from the reunion.

Among raving Zep reviews, there are also some that mentions the opening acts (and pictures of one of them at Getty Images).

"There were several opening acts rotating across the stage, mainly hosted by former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. Paul Rodgers, Keith Emerson and Foreigner got the biggest cheers."
Watch Zep reviews and footage here.

One you will not find at that link is "diamondgeezer" who at ELP-disc reported that the opening act playing Fanfare For the Common Man had

trumpets at the start but Keith was drowned out at first and only during his solo did they boost his sound. At his more theatrical moments the crowd (it was half full at that stage) responded. How this man deserves more of this kind of stage to show his talent.

After the improv. they went into a crossover bit of Zeps Kashmir and Squires The Fish before coming back to the conclusion of Fanfare. Afterwards Emo tried to thank everyone but both mics he tried weren't on! eventually he found one that worked and thanked the band and especially his roadie. It was a thankless task opening on a such a night. Even Foreigner seemed apologetic for holding up proceedings. Mind you it was a naff version of I wanna know what love is (yuk!)

Zep were brilliant. Whatever you may or may not think of them believe me this was as good if not better than when I last saw them in 75' at Earls Court and Jason Bonham was a credit to Bonzo senior.

Good to hear while waiting for the DVD. If Jimmy allows.