tirsdag 20. november 2007

Spin Off Doctors

Having just ordered Season 3 of Doctor Who (and Series 1 of Torchwood to get more mileage from Royal Norwegian Customs handling fees), it is good to notice that the series and its spin offs are alive and well.

Living in Norway means we are one or two seasons behind BBC, so these DVD's are ordered in faith (which as we all know should not be blind or in the teeth of evidence).

The latest news (November 20, 2007) is about The Sarah Jane Adventures where part one of The Lost Boy was watched by 1.3 million viewers.

The BBC's Doctor Who website has also just announced that the writers of Doctor Who Series 3 have won the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for Best Soap or Series (and strengthened my belief in the existence of clever and creative atheist writers - Russell T Davies be praised, Lem is far from the only one).

The praise and prizes are nice to see for someone who was a bit worried when witnessing the hype in London (especially in BBC programs, for some reason) on the premiere of the first program in Series 3. Still, hype is not always the opposite of quality, as fans of Beatles and ELP have known for decades.

Seems there may be a slight hope to survive the dark evenings of the Pre Season Season again.

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