lørdag 24. november 2007

The Alien Agenda

We all know aliens are out there, however their agenda has not been all that clear.

Why do they stop car engines? Why make all those patterns in crop fields? Why make people pregnant and then removing all traces? Ever wondered why Christians so eagerly deny the existence of UFOs?

And why there is such a conspicuous absence of the ufo subject at every and all Church Council?

The explanation is simple. Some as always truth seeking Gnostics have seen the light:

Judeo-Christian elites and their oppressive ideology (which also drove European Empires), led in turn to the development of modern Western civilization. Therefore, the prejudices by official institutions in Western civilization, (against the free and open discussion of UFO phenomenon and varied human contacts with intelligent Extraterrestrial life), can be illuminated by appreciating Gnostic insights on the alleged motivations of the Judeo-Christian-guided Church which backed founders of Western civilization.

The whole problem is that Western civilisation has been driven by manipulative Christians to seemingly emphazise on science and reason. In reality it has all been a plot by the aliens themselves, who have infiltrated the major theistic religions.

John Lash, in Metahistory.org illuminates, that the original attempt to cover-up and to deceive humanity on reported UFO-related phenomena, is the result of the use of organized religion by the aliens that sought to create opportunistic blinders to critical human awareness of the reality of alien contact. John Lash specifically traces the origins of the cover-up of UFO related phenomena, to the represented Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Debunkers of ufo theories don't really follow reason and evidence. Skeptics like Dawkins are controlled by Christians and alien agents. They are deceived by intelligences beyond their own, which are not difficult to find. Fortunately Gnostics are not so easily fooled.

Indeed, interestingly, the denial of UFO related phenomena including alien sightings tends to be more pervasive in societies where these particular organized religions of Christianity, zionistic Judaism, and fundamentalistic Islam, have been dominant. In China, for example, were Buddhism has been relatively dominant, governments, and the state controlled mass-media in contrast, have been more open to the reporting of UFO phenomena. The traditionally Hindu societal milieu of India has also shown more "tolerance" to reporting on UFOs, than in the West.

Aboriginal and indigenous societies which include those in Africa, and other parts of the world, (who have been able to maintain an independent spirituality from the West), continue to very openly relate historical accounts of varied forms of contacts with UFOs and aliens.

This should lead to a whole new direction for Religious Studies. Comparative Religion and all that has been blind to this for too long. There is a need for bold new paradigms and field studies.

The conclusion is hard to avoid:

Christianity, as a religion, in relation to the Gnostic-represented "doctrine of the aliens", can thus, be viewed as an apparent attempt to deceive humanity from recognizing and understanding the ultimate demonic agents of their oppression, who operate by social engineering to execute the exploitation of humanity.
Still, while alien infiltration may explain some of the more odd behaviour among bishops and muftis, it is easy to see where it all breaks down. Real aliens would have made a far better job at stopping the Gnostic publishing and conference business than just releasing all those anti Da Vinci Code books.

Should have been easy with their broad range of mind control, ray guns and teleportation devices. So there is a lingering doubt that those Gnostics may not have quite got it quite right after all.

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