onsdag 17. oktober 2007

Keith Calling

For anyone lacking their daily dose of Keith Emerson News (in Norway belonging to the nice and noble tradition of The Finn Kalvik News), there is a brave new interview at Vintage Rock.
Rather cozy too.

Not the least interesting is the news that fans can track the progress of his new record (Marc Bonilla on guitar), to be released next year.

We’ve already shot an awful lot of footage of work in progress in the studio. I’ve got one complete piece, which will go up on YouTube in the next month or so. There will be a My Space and YouTube coming up very soon, of which I’ll be making an announcement on my web site. Yeah, there’s some great stuff of Marc and I recording together, personal interviews with Marc and myself, and a lot of interesting things. I just want to put these out periodically on My Space and YouTube and get the excitement going.
Rest assured, we'll be back with more. Stay tuned.

2 kommentarer:

Even sa...

Dette er da intet mindre enn fascinerende gamle ørn!
Jeg har syrebadet moving coil pick-upen, sandblåst cd laseren og snudd monsterkablene rett vei! Kort sagt - klar til utagerende feiring av NYTT studiopreget materiale! Smått spent, ufrivillig og motvillig skeptisk til gitarpreget keyboardbasert musikk, men akk så villig til å vurdere.

Bill.mrk - stadig høyere blodtrykk and liking it!

Bjørn Are sa...

That's the spirit, mate!

It's 1973 again, and we like it.