lørdag 20. oktober 2007

Evolution, or The Fight to Death

For someone who believes that evolution basically is a convenient and credible model which fits most of the facts, but doesn't really care if is is absolutely true or not in all and every matter (I'll kindly allow scientists to work out the details the next centuries, including the scientific issue of whether I am free to write blogs or not), it is interesting when someone rather intelligent stirs up some controversy.

The latest hoot is from Scott Adams and Dilbert, not to mention Dogbert. If nothing else, he very much keeps the Blog Evolutionists on the alert. Scott is involved in not a little controversy in this area, still Dilbert is the only comic I read daily.

And the one I shamelessly utilise in my talks at work. Or at least used to, back in the nifty 90's, when less than 50 % of my colleagues did.

In short, I heartily dislike it when something I wish would become popular, really does.

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