mandag 25. august 2008

The Keith Emerson Band in Riga (Photo report)

As expected a fantastic concert on Saturday.
It is very difficult to express with the words what was happening at the stage of the Congress House Hall that day. Explosive, magnificent, melodious, and partly chaotic compositions having no beginning and end have chained the public to their chairs, as for the shaken in a step of music heads and bursts of applauses in short intervals between numbers clearly let know: "gang" of Keith Emerson captivated Riga audience in whole.
Obviously rather difficult to express. Some may be lost in the transposition to English, though.

What they played? Here is the list:
Intro – Ignition
1st Presence
Welcome Back
Piano Concerto
Bitches Crystal
Touch & Go
Lucky Man
Miles Away 1+2
Crusaders Cross
Marche Train
The Barbarian
Prelude to a Hope
From the Beginning
"The Barbarian"? Wow!

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