torsdag 31. januar 2008

Memories of Madeleine

As a fantasy fan (well, the Tolkien/Lewis/Chesterton/Powers league at least), it was a delight to discover also Madeleine L'Engle. Witty and wise, fantastic and fun. And she was no copy cat.

Few authors had such a distinctive style as Madeleine. She went her own way. She avoided routes that tasted of mediocrity. Of course this applied also to theology. What creative artist has really ever accepted other persons' views of truth, not to mention Church Councils' (except from Tolkien/Lewis/Chesterton/Powers)?

And Madeleine was more creative than most.

Madeleine left us five months ago, almost 90 years old. Hopefully she may show that is is possible to be inventive to the end, especially if you are made in the image of God. In other words, human.

What better way to remember her than by reading a tribute by someone who knew her?

Then you have to get out your copy of A Wrinkle in Time again, of course. And the rest of the L'Engle canon. You deserve the company of Meg, Charles and the twins. And not a few others.

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Elliot sa...

You know, as a fan of the Tolkien/Lewis/Chesterton/Powers league, you should really read some Gene Wolfe, if you haven't already. Wolfe's a big fan of both Chesterton and Tolkien, and he's one of the only sf/f authors that I think is of the same caliber and stature as Tolkien.

Bjørn Are sa...

Thanks for the advice, Elliot!

I have noticed Wolfe and got some of his books, though not read much by him yet.

So I guess now may be the time!