onsdag 31. oktober 2007

Please sign up!

One of the most interesting blogs around is Bede's Journal, dealing mostly in fields combining History, Science and Philosophy/Religion.

It is run by James Hannam, a historian who has a PhD on the history of medieval science at the University of Cambridge, from 2007. At the moment he is looking for a publisher for his book on this, a rather difficult task if you're not a known name.

Here is a favour James asked for in his latest blog message:

I hope regular readers will forgive me for once again asking, please could anyone who follows my writing sign up their email at my book's website where I am trying to gather enough people to interest publishers in my book on medieval science. Registering here creates no obligation on your part. The list will only be used to try to convince publishers that there is a market for my work. You will not be sent any emails apart from one confirming your registration and another when the book is published.

Getting published in non-fiction is almost impossible unless you are already either a journalist, a publisher, a celebrity or a senior academic. The quality of the book has almost nothing to do with it. Almost all popular history is written by journalists and the genre suffers seriously as a result. So, by signing up on my list you will also be helping to strike a blow for history to be written by historians rather than amateurs with the right friends. Click here to read the first chapter of God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science absolutely free.

Take care to sign up.

I, for one, am too curious about this book to let it go unpublished. So don't disappoint me!

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