mandag 8. oktober 2007

Autumn Holliday

Norwegians tend to do the opposite of common sense, not to mention otherwise than members of the EU.

Six weeks after school has started after summer, we have the National Autumn Vacation - all kids out of school for one week. October is definitely autumn in Norway, dark and rainy. So, what would Norwegians do when having some days off in that season?

Well, some has travelled so long down the Path of Decadense to take some days in Spain or Greece to catch some more summer. We even witness such behavior during Easter.

True Norwegians, however, do the opposite, as there are places in Norway even colder than where people live. So when Autumn Holliday arrives, our family goes by car with our kids and sometimes some friends of theirs, for over 3 hours to a cabin (a bit like the one in the picture above) in the mountains to celebrate the possibility of even more rain and cold, sometimes even snow.

Of course, this is far from modern facilities like running water or webservices. That is one reason this blog has been hibernating for a week or so.

The days are mostly spent reading, hiking (nice weather this year, rather annoyingly warm in fact), talking and watching DVD's (Star Gate SG-1 Season 3 and Surface - the short first (and unfortunately only) season). Not to mention eating and drinking well.

In short, cozy around the fireplace and all that. Refreshing is just the first name.

Here is a live webcamera from Trysil - 30 km from our cabin in the mountains, with a nice view to the piste slopes.

It is the Norwegian Way. Some of us even get used to it.

5 kommentarer:

Deerstalker sa...

Some of us don't ...

Bjørn Are sa...

...and with great integrity!

jack perry sa...

Going to Spain or Greece at this time of year actually makes a great deal of sense, since it costs a lot less than July, and it much more pleasant I'm sure. (If southern Italy is any comparison: July and August are an awful time to visit the beach or travel.)

Going to a cabin in the woods... well, you got me there.

jack perry sa...

Come to think of it, a lot of Americans will do something similar one month from now. Instead of watching DVDs or reading books, however, they will dress in ridiculous outfits, climb up trees with crossbows or rifles, pour the bodily fluids of deer on their shoes, and wait for a deer or turkey to happen by.

A few of them will go fishing instead.

Does anyone hunt in Norway?

Bjørn Are sa...

Indeed. Sometimes even attacked by bears, both in Norway and Sweden -